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Direct yet conceptual. Provocative and engaging. Design & illustration for brands, publications, and people.

Feelings first!


It is my belief that today, people connect to brands they feel close to: marketing has moved on from simply pushing people to buy. I strive to help brands grow that genuine affinity with consumers by drawing upon emotions and beliefs first. With a brand image clearly defined down to the very last word, I make it possible for anyone to feel a unique connection with every brand I work with.


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I use Search Engine Optimization and emotional marketing in order to lead people straight to the brand from a simple Google search, and keep them coming back. I also always pay attention to the editing, trying every possible combination of words because I know the slightest confusion can ruin thousands of potential conversions.  However, I’m comfortable scaling my pitches up or down for maximum reach and concision.

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If your brand needs some love or if your content feels out-of-date you can reach out to me any time, in English or in French, and I’ll gladly respond as quickly as I can.

I’ve been lucky to work with Nathan for a year and I can safely say that he is one of the best writers and translators I’ve ever met.
Even though I was working from Paris and Nathan was in New York City, I’ve never felt the time difference. Indeed, he knows how to make himself available, which makes him really reliable.
Not only was he reassuring and perfectly punctual to deliver his content on the (numerous) assignments, but he was also able to understand our clients - even the major ones such as L’Occitane en Provence - on a deeper level: what was important to them, the way they wanted to connect with their customers…
Nathan is really thorough, his work is rich and precise - he does a lot of research on every topic on his own to be sure to master it and brings out the best of it - and he possesses a natural writing style. But most of all, he has an eye to understand in-depth how to make the most of a writing piece, from scratch.
His inner ability to be consumer-centric as well as fulfilling the needs of brands are the reasons why he was one of my most precious assets.
I would recommend Nathan to anyone looking for a quality piece of content, should it be a translation (FR>EN or EN>FR) or something written from scratch.
Plus, Nathan is also one of the most generous writers and translators I’ve encountered and working with him was such a great pleasure.
— Sophie Viana, Account Manager at You Love Words