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French lessons for all ages and minds

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French can be tough on beginners: there are so many rules! All these verb tenses that have no English equivalent, and every noun has a gender?! Since French isn’t an anglo-saxon language, it bears very little resemblance to English. So learning French is hardest at the beginning, when almost every word and concept is new. But where students most often get stuck is after learning the basics, when they try to tackle more elaborate sentences. Why? Because to truly speak French, you have to start thinking like a native speaker. Back-tracking from what you want to say in English isn’t going to cut it in the long run.

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So you want to learn French? Great! But you don't know where to get started, there are so many books, and so much grammar. Oh grammar, wouldn't it be nice if it all just... blew away? Or maybe you've already started French, but your school teacher refuses to ever speak any English, no matter how lost you are. Or perhaps you're going to Paris and this time, you don't want to rely on the phrasebook. Where do you start? No matter where you’re coming from, French is something you are capable of learning!  And I'm here to help!

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But the most important step to mastering French is knowing how to put yourself into “French mode”. In France, children learn French for years before fully becoming masters of their language. But for non-native French speakers, things are different: you have to learn rules, words, and phrases, and combine them to somehow speak French. How can you master it as well as English? With practice, and awareness. French is a different language altogether, with its own style. Imagine being so good at French that you won’t be able to resist using a French phrase even in English, because it’s so different and expressive! That’s what I strive to teach you.

So if want to brush up on your French or start from scratch, I’m more than happy to help!